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Super Junior

100 Suju Fics Challenge on miracle______
Date started: 6/11/09
Progress: 1/100

kpop_prompts: Prompt table/50 Random Prompts {claim: eunhyuk}
001.truth 002.accept 003.chain 004.save 005.ring
006.cat 007.name 008.rain 009.laundry 010.umbrella
011.glasses 012.delete 013.phone 014.replace 015.quit
016.hate 017.december 018.confess 019.room 020.denial
021.stare 022.lost 023.smile 024.need 025.yes
026.bend 027.like 028.mistake 029.boundaries 030.push
031.patience 032.impulse 033.miles 034.link 035.remain
036.decide 037.secret 038.force 039.stay 040.laugh
041.nine 042.attention 043.instinct 044.same 045.mask
046.break 047.share 048.danger 049.escape 050.lie

hands and trust | eunhyuk/donghae, pg
“I know. Don’t worry. I’m strong and you are, too. It isn’t the first time, we’ll both manage. We both did, didn’t we?”

fixing train wrecks part i | kibum/donghae donghae/eunhyuk, pg, au
"Falling in love now is just plain stupid. It's only for people who aren't serious about the future."

apology | hankyung/hyukjae, g
"I won't leave. I never will."

you're a cyborg (but that's okay) | eunhyuk/donghae, pg, au
"This is a heartbeat.. Something that you have, and I dont..."

Girls' Generation

kpop_prompts: 17 Phrases/17 Phrase Prompts {claim: sunny}

001. Our own world
002. Road home
003. Distance among us
004. Endless Symphony
005. This ugly redemption
006. Mirror of hate
007. Uncommitted soother
008. Bulimic manifest
009. Forbidden dance
010. Dreaming of reality
011. Handicapped emotions
012. Fool in love
013. Familiar sensations
014. Favorable friction
015. Amused failure
016. Nonvocal renouncement
017. Broken help

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