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hands (trust) {donghae/eunhyuk; oneshot}

hands and trust | eunhyuk/donghae
pg - both hyukjae and donghae touch and feel with their hands

Their backs rest against the wooden frame of their bed, Donghae's knees brought close to his chest and Hyukjae's legs stretched out, toes barely touching the cool glass of the full length windows.


Donghae, with his eyes still closed, makes a sound in both question and response, urging him to carry on.

"Are you bored? Because I'm not. But we're not doing anything and this seems like the kind of situation that makes a person bored and I don't want you to be bored. Do you want to do something else instead of just looking out of the window?"

Donghae laughs, amused by Hyukjae's unfound worries. He opens his eyes and gives a sideway glance at Hyukjae, lifting his chin from his knees and sitting up straight, his hair tickling Hyukjae's chin in the process.

"You look weird when you're being worried. Plus, I'm not bored and it's weird isn't it? Not doing anything interesting yet not feeling bored?"

Hyukjae bites his lip to stop himself from retorting and presses his finger hard into Donghae's hand as a form of a violent reply. He smiles while doing it and as his eyes fall onto their entwined fingers, the pressure he'd applied into Donghae's hand is lifted immediately and they go back to laying against the bed, earphones plugged into their ears, listening to the same songs on the same iPod.

A kind of happiness flutters inside Hyukjae. It feels weird but not uncomfortable and he moves closer to Donghae until space doesn't exist between them. He presses a kiss to Donghae's head and starts to trace lazy circles on the back of Donghae's palm.

Donghae sighs and leans into the space between Hyukjae's neck and shoulder, willing for time to stop, not wanting to go back to busy schedules, not wanting to go back to China. He wipes a tear that had unknowingly made its way halfway down his cheek and sniffs quietly, hoping that Hyukjae doesn’t notice.
Hyukjae does after all. He releases Donghae’s hand and places his hands at the sides of Donghae’s face, forcing him to look at him.

“I know. Don’t worry. I’m strong and you are, too. It isn’t the first time, we’ll both manage. We both did, didn’t we?”

Donghae nods weakly and Hyukjae’s thumb catches a tear and he trails kisses down Donghae's face, bringing the both of them up onto their feet. Hyukjae pushes Donghae against the bed, falling onto the white sheets before Hyukjae sits up and brings Donghae along with him. He crushes his lips hard upon Donghae's and kisses him like his life depends on it. Donghae slides his hands to Hyukjae's hips beneath his shirt and up his back, bringing his shirt up before pulling it over his head, his hands sliding down Hyukjae's muscles to the front of his jeans. It becomes hard to breathe for a fraction of a second and he stiffens, heart beating furiously against his chest.

Hyukjae smiles against Donghae's lips and he brings his hand up beneath Donghae's shirt where he slides them against his stomach (and Donghae's breath hitches and he tenses up), and he places his hand over the spot where Donghae's heart is; feeling, waiting for Donghae to grow accustomed to this intimacy that they rarely ever have.

When Donghae does calm down, he gives himself to Hyukjae; because there is no one else whom Donghae will ever allow to kiss him this way, to touch him in a way that takes his breath away.

Tags: #one-shot, fandom: super junior, pairing: eunhyuk/donghae
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